Mercedes-Benz: Truck App Portal

Mercedes-Benz is presenting the new Truck App Portal at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. This gives customers the opportunity to install apps on the truck centrally from the office, even when the truck is on the road. The apps can then be used by the driver directly in the truck.

APPs from the office directly onto the truck

The Mercedes-Benz Truck APP Portal has recently gone live for customers. Users can use it to bring APPs directly from the office to the truck. With the secondary display, which is integrated in the vehicle, the APPs can then be used directly in the truck. The APP portal is solely for the fleet manager. The fleet manager therefore has sovereignty over the system and distributes the APPs to the end devices in the truck. The driver can then use the APPs accordingly.

Mercedes Benz trade fair transport logistic 2019 Munich Trade Fair
Mercedes Benz truck app integrated secondary display for apps

Central APP management by fleet manager

The driver does not have the option of installing APPs himself. Only the fleet manager in the office can do this. It doesn't matter where the vehicles are currently located. Whether they are on the road is irrelevant, because the trucks do not have to drive to the company premises. The APPs can be installed at any time at any location where the vehicles are currently located.

Mercedes Benz Interview Truck App Portal
Mercedes Benz Truck App secondary display integrated into the truck