FLEETBOARD presents the habbl app at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. Digitalization is an important topic in the industry. The logistics app makes it possible to digitize logistics processes.

Logistic-App habbl

In short, the habbl APP is a logistics app that manages to digitize every logistics process. Digitalization is playing an increasingly important role in the logistics world. Processes must be mapped digitally. Logistics companies, i.e. shippers as well as freight service providers, need a way to record these processes digitally.

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FLEETBOARD habbl APP Functions and Elements

How the habbl APP works

It works by looking at the entire logistics chain. From the shipper to the carrier with his truck and, of course, a recipient. It always starts with an order. This usually comes from a shipper to a shipper to the freight forwarder. The next step is to send information back. The information that needs to be mapped digitally are things like time, in particular arrival time. It's about status messages. You want to see where the truck is currently located on a live map.

FLEETBOARD habbl App Digitize Processes
FLEETBOARD habbl APP digitization logistics processes

Status reports, truck location and billing of the transport

You want to process an exchange of loading equipment and proof of delivery. You want to show pictures and, of course, create reports. After all, a lot of data is collected and, of course, at the end of the day the transport should also be invoiced. The habbl APP is available so that these processes can be mapped and digitized.

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