MICHELIN: MyBestRoute truck route planner

MICHELIN is showing us the MyBestRoute route planner at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. The difference to Google Maps, for example? It is a specific truck route planner.

MyBestRoute: Truck route planner for dispatchers

The truck route planner MyBestRoute from MICHELIN is for dispatchers. It enables the dispatcher to identify the best route for a transport according to the underlying criteria. For example, the fastest route or the most cost-effective route. The data is generated in real time. The current traffic situation is therefore taken into account. It is possible to calculate the arrival time and costs and to identify toll roads. You can also set truck-specific restrictions.

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Route planning specifically for trucks

Many of the well-known route planners are designed for cars. However, their use can lead to problems for truck drivers because there are driving restrictions. This is exactly where the MyBestRoute app comes in and offers a specific solution for route planning for truck journeys.

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MICHELIN MyBestRoute Truck Route Planner APP