DHL: Trend radar - Green Energy Logistics

DHL is showing Messe.TV's trend radar for logistics topics at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. Sustainability plays an important role with Green Energy Logistics.

Relevant trends in the logistics industry

At DHL, there is a whole range of relevant topics at transport logistic. To get a good overview, DHL has a Trend Radar that shows all relevant topics in a structured way. The Trend Radar is published every two years. The aim is to depict both the social and technological trends that are classified as relevant for the logistics industry.

DHL Group trade fair transport logistic Munich Trade Fair
DHL Group Trend Radar Logistics Sector

Green Energy Logistics important topic

Green Energy Logistics is a major topic. Customers are placing increasing importance on the delivery of their goods being as environmentally friendly as possible. DHL already offers solutions. DHL GoGreen is already completely CO² neutral. To make this possible, 9,000 electric Streetscooter vehicles are already in use. Making transportation carbon-free in the air will be a little more difficult, but DHL is pursuing the goal of making all logistics processes carbon-free by 2050.

DHL Group Trend Radar Green Energy Logistics
DHL Group Trend Radar Important Topics Logistics

Logistics processes CO²-free by 2050

This is an ambitious goal and intermediate targets are also needed. DHL has recognized that, as a large company, it also has a great responsibility and is making every effort to live up to it. The future of the logistics sector should not just happen, but should be actively shaped.