RYTLE: Networked last mile logistics concept

RYTLE is presenting a networked logistics concept for the "last mile" at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. Deliveries are made locally emission-free with pedelecs directly to the front door.

RYTLE logistics concept last mile to the door
RYTLE Interview dr arne kruse transport logistic 2019

RYTLE Locally emission-free to "the last mile"

"The last mile" is a term that can be heard again and again at transport logistic 2019. This is precisely the topic that RYTLE will be focusing on at its stand. The company differentiates even further between the last mile and the last few meters. Because RYTLE is all about delivery right to the door.

RYTLE logistics assembled box road train office building
RYTLE Micro Hub for packaged boxes for delivery

Holistic logistics concept through to delivery

The holistic logistics concept consists of a micro-hub (a kind of container about the size of a construction trailer) that is centrally positioned in the city. The micro hub is equipped with nine boxes that have already been pre-sorted outside the city.

RYTLE pick up box on delivery vehicle
RYTLE Box delivery inside view

RYTLE Micro-Hub - Boxes - Pedelec

The items in the boxes are therefore already assembled for a street or an office building. The box communicates with the cloud and the smartphone. The driver therefore always knows what he is carrying and what needs to be delivered. The boxes are then loaded onto the delivery vehicle.

Trade fair appearance RYTLE MesseTV Interview Munich Trade Fair
RYTLE delivery vehicle Pedelect with high maneuverability

Delivery directly to your doorstep

The vehicle is no longer a small truck or delivery van that blocks driveways or parking lots, but a kind of pedelec. The vehicle does not need a driver's license or registration. It is a bicycle with electric drive assistance. It is therefore easy on the rider and the environment. In addition, the vehicle is very maneuverable and can be driven very close to the doors. This largely eliminates the need to carry parcels and deliveries from the street to the front door.