DB Netze: Hydrogen train

Are hydrogen trains running on Deutsche Bahn? Not yet. But DB Netze is looking to the future and is introducing us to hydrogen-powered trains at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. Find out more in the video.

Hydrogen-powered train - fuel cells on the rails

DB Energie is thinking about alternative energies for rail transportation. One possibility is the operation of trains with hydrogen. The first vehicles with fuel cell drives are already on the market. From the vehicle side, therefore, there is already a technology ready for series production. The aim is therefore to make this form of energy usable for trains. Of course, this also requires the appropriate infrastructure.

DeutscheBahn DB NETZE Hydrogentrain
DeutscheBahn DB NETZE interview hydrogentrain fuelcells

Hydrogen filling station for trains

The infrastructure is still lacking. Now the first hydrogen filling station is to be built. The project is not easy, because hydrogen is very complex to handle. It can be stored in gaseous form under high pressure or in liquid form at a very low temperature. Otherwise the handling is similar to that of diesel. You have a normal filling station. The train drives to the filling station and is refueled. On site, the hydrogen-powered train is emission-free and does not release any pollutants into the air.

DeutscheBahn DB NETZE Hydrogenfillingstation train
DeutscheBahn DB NETZE train with hydrogen propulsion

Is hydrogen propulsion also safe?

Yes, hydrogen is safe. Hydrogen is highly explosive, but on the other hand it is very volatile. Hydrogen therefore escapes immediately into the atmosphere. There are therefore no more dangers when handling hydrogen than when handling diesel. So you can get on a hydrogen train without any worries.