GROUP7: Drone for high-rack use

GROUP7 presents an exciting development at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. A drone for use in high-bay warehouses. A useful helper for the warehouse, which we had explained to us in more detail.

Drone for high rack in multi-user warehouse

One of the latest innovations that GROUP7 is showcasing at transport logistic in Munich is a drone that is being used in the new logistics center in Frankfurt and Kelsterbach. The company operates a multi-user warehouse there, where the drone is used in a narrow aisle at the high-bay racking.

GROUP7 transport logistic 2019
Interview Hubert Borghoff Logistics GROUP7

Drone development in collaboration with StartUp doks.innovation

GROUP7 was able to win over the start-up doks.innovation for the development. The simulation at the trade fair stand at transport logistic shows the drone's working environment - a narrow aisle in a high-bay warehouse with lots of goods. Items are stored there in pallets or cardboard boxes, for example. The drone is steered autonomously through the warehouse by a person. A sensor enables the drone to pick up information. This includes EAN codes or QR codes, for example. The drone is also able to take pictures. The information is then fed live into the warehouse management system.

drone logistics high bay narrow aisle GROUP7
drone logistics high bay racking GROUP7 doks innovation

Drone brings enormous benefits to logistics processes

The Drohe brings enormous benefits to GROUP7 and its partners in logistics processes. Processes can be significantly streamlined during stocktaking and inventory. Information can be recorded more quickly in the daily process. Especially in the B2C sector, i.e. in terms of delivery speed and delivery quality, this brings enormous advantages.

Drone logistics high bay sensors EAN code QR code readout
LogiVisor Award 2019 Industry GROUP7

GROUP7 receives LogiVisor Award in the "Industry" category

GROUP7 received the LogiVisor Award in the "Industy" category for the use of this innovative development. This is because the use of a drone in this function has never been seen before in Germany.