ZWIEHOFF: Two-way vehicles

ZWIEHOFF presents the latest shunting vehicles at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. What makes them special? These are two-way vehicles that not only travel by rail, but also on the road.

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ZWIEHOFF Two Way Vehicles Rail and Road

Two-way vehicles - shunting on rail & road

ZWIEHOFF has specialized in road-rail vehicles. This means: vehicles that can travel by rail and road and are therefore both more economical and more flexible.

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ZWIEHOFF two way vehicles transport logistic 2019

At transport logistic, shunting vehicles will be on display that can be used to shunt on the rails, switch between the rails on the road and switch to the next rail and shunt again.

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ZWIEHOFF road rail vehicles rubber wheels high power transmission

Better traction with rubber tires

When it comes to rail shunting, many people immediately think of a large locomotive. Why are two-way vehicles so much smaller? The traction of the rubber tires is about three times higher. This means that the weight of the vehicle can be significantly reduced.

ZWIEHOFF Two Way Vehicles Control Operation

Shunting locomotive with radio remote control - soon autonomous?

Traditionally, the two-way vehicles are controlled by radio remote control. However, there is currently a joint project with DB Systel and the University of Aachen that aims to have these vehicles drive automatically. Autonomous driving should be possible within the next three years.

ZWIEHOFF Two way vehicles on the rail
ZWIEHOFF managing director Stephan Zwiehoff transport logistic 2019

Costs of two-way vehicles

The price of a shunting locomotive is currently around 80,000 - 90,000 euros.