DHL: Drones in logistics

We talk to DHL about the role of drones in logistics at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. Where are drones already in use, what is planned for the future with drones in the logistics industry and where will transport with drones make little sense in the future? Find out more in the video.

Drones in use for transportation and logistics

Drones already play a role in logistics and are already in use at DHL. However, parcels will continue to be delivered primarily by parcel carriers in the future - because the use of drones for parcel delivery simply does not make sense in many cases. Drones are useful where the logistics infrastructure is poor. One positive example is the use of drones to provide patients in Africa with medication as quickly as possible. In other words, delivery to places that are difficult to reach by car, for example.

Deutsche Post DHL Group transport logistic 2019 Munich Trade Fair
Interview Dr Markus Kueckelhaus DHL transport logistic 2019

Drones still the future or already part of everyday business

From a technical perspective, drones are already quite advanced for use in the transport and logistics sector. What is still missing are clear framework conditions. This is because the use of drones is not yet permitted in many areas from a regulatory perspective. In the foreseeable future, it is therefore unlikely that city logistics will be based solely on drones. Even if many find the futuristic idea exciting, this concept makes little sense. Drones are always a point-to-point delivery, i.e. flying from one point to the next.

DHL Group Drones in Transport and Logistics
Dr Markus Kueckelhaus DHL Group

Logistics: Taking a holistic view of concepts

Consolidation is needed to be able to act economically in logistics. Delivery with an electronically operated vehicle is much more efficient here. The advantages and disadvantages must be carefully weighed up so that enthusiasm for a technology does not cause us to lose sight of the actual goal.

DHL booth Munich Trade Fair transport logistic 2019
Drone DHL transport logistic 2019 Munich