FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a video on Messe.TV cost? Contributions to Messe.TV are free of charge for exhibitors. We are a purely editorial format. As an exhibitor, you are welcome to apply with a product or development for an editorial feature.

How is the selection made for which product a video is filmed? As a rule, the products for which a report is to be produced are selected on site. Our film team, consisting of an editor and cameraman or a V-Jay, decides freely and independently what to report on. For topics that we find very exciting, or for interviews with experts, trade associations or representatives of the trade fair organizers, we may also arrange a filming date before the trade fair.

How can I apply for a contribution to Messe.TV? You are welcome to submit an application for an editorial contribution. The best way to do this is simply to send us an e-mail. If the editorial team considers your product or development to be suitable for our reporting and we also report on the relevant trade fair, we will come to your stand. Again, there are no costs involved.

How does the filming at the exhibition stand work? We usually need about 30 minutes for the filming. This has hardly any impact on operations at the trade fair stand. A contact person from your company conducts an interview with our editor. Afterwards, we shoot a few more details about the product so that we can create an attractive article.

How many people watch Messe.TV? That depends very much on the trade fair and the products. For very specific B2B trade fairs, it can be as few as 10,000 people and for trade fairs that address B2C end consumers with their products, it can be more than 1,000,000 viewers. As we can work on demand via streaming, you can always assume that the people we reach are exactly the right target group.

Who can become a sponsor for Messe.TV? In principle, any company can become a sponsor for a trade fair or place advertising on our contribution pages. However, we do not refer to content on: violence, politics, pornography, weapons.