Editorial reporting on trade fairs

Trade fairs are our passion. We report on innovations and trends at trade fairs. We present products and services from start-ups to global corporations at B2B and consumer trade fairs. We also conduct interviews with representatives of trade associations, industry experts, politicians, celebrities and event organizers.

MesseTV video Reporting innotrans 2016 Berlin
Karen Webb interview with Klas Boemecke trade fair Munich
Ispo 2017 tradefair sport Munich Simone Dericks moderator MesseTV
Annemarie Carpendale interview with Jenny Dettner
MesseTV moderator Petra Michelle Nerette Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg
Stefan Hotz Herrenknecht MesseTV interview moderator Felix Rother bauma 2016 Fair Munich
CIB mobile bauma 2019 Fair Munich

Television on demand: innovations and trends in the industry

The television landscape is changing radically - fewer and fewer people are watching traditional television. Today, people want to watch content when they have time: Video on demand. TV is smart today. Viewers put together their own program according to their own ideas. This is exactly where we see the future. We produce high-quality editorial content and make it available on demand. In addition, we use SEO and social media measures to ensure good visibility and distribution of the content.

We show the products of tomorrow today

The latest vehicles on the construction site and in transportation, technological developments in embedded systems, the hottest trends in the world of jewelry and fashion or cuddly teddy bears and educational robots at the toy fair - Messe.TV provides exciting insights.

Mentor Graphics Industrial iot Gateway embedded world Fair Nuremberg
Proto Labs 3D printing medicine titanium implant human skull Hannover Fair
LIEBHERR lattice tower crawler crane cab bauma fair Munich
ZF Friedrichshafen urban construction site of the future bauma fair Munich
DEUTZ Hybrid drive with battery package 100 KW
HUENNEBECK Manto G3 Formwork with one sided anchor technology
FRITZMEIER Safety construction site information for drivers via augmented reality glasses
Waterrower NOHrD Known from House of Cards
Good Boards Wood Snowboard with Ibex Motif Ispo
MesseTV Reporting Outdoor Friedrichshafen
Microlino electric car toy fair
MesseTV reporting toys fair
Bernhard Hoecker Guest Ravensburger Spielwarenmesse
Captain Carrera with hostesses
Lego Boost Robot Spielwarenmesse Messe Nuremberg
Maerklin model railway toy fair
Steiff Teddy bear Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg fair
Jewelry Fashion Show Inhorgenta
Leo Wittwer Cross Anhaenger Inhorgenta
MesseTV Video Reporting Inhorgenta Fair Munich
Interview Cathy Hummels Inhorgenta

Interviews with trade associations, experts, event organizers and politicians

What are the trends at each trade fair, how is the industry developing and which highlights are not to be missed? We talk to trade associations and organizers as well as experts and political representatives. In many ways, trade fairs offer a glimpse into the future of our living environment.

Interview Markus Soeder Prime Minister of Bavaria Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg Fair
Klaus Dittrich CEO Munich Trade Fair bauma
MesseTV Reporting Mareile Kaestner Project Manager bauma
Interview Dieter Dohr Chairman of the Managing Directors GHM
MesseTV Interview Stefan Rummel Munich Trade Fair transport logistic
Interview Peter Kazander Fair Director LogiMAT Stuttgart
Interview Cornelia Lutz Wagner Heim Handwerk GHM Munich Trade Fair
FAB Dr Martin Wedig Managing Director bauma Munich Trade Fair
Interview Ernst Kick Spielwarenmesse Messe Nuremberg
Interview Project Manager Inhorgenta Stefanie Maendlein Munich Trade Fair
MesseTV Interview Benedikt Weyerer embedded world
Olaf Perwitschky Expert Outdoor and Alpin