KAMAG: Heavy-duty vehicles

We are visiting KAMAG at transport logistic 2019 at the Munich trade fair. This year, the company has been active in the heavy-duty vehicle sector for 50 years and offers vehicles for the logistics sector as well as special vehicles for the industrial sector.

50 years of KAMAG heavy-duty vehicles

KAMAG is a company with a long tradition in the field of heavy-duty vehicles. The Baden-Württemberg company is based in Ulm and was founded in 1969. KAMAG is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Kamag transport technology interview Juergen Haupt
Kamag transport technology booth transport logistic 2019 Munich Trade Fair

Logistics, industrial and special vehicle sector

Two main areas are served. One is the logistics sector with swap body pallet trucks, Truck Wiesel for the logistics sector. In the industrial and special vehicle sector, there are slag transporters, shipyard lift trucks, industrial lift trucks for the really large weight classes. This goes up to thousands of tons that can be transported with one vehicle.

Kamag transport logistic 2019 trade fair appearance
Kamag Wiesel Munich Trade Fair transport logistic