HEIDLER: Product Cube - Volume recording of goods

HEIDLER is presenting the Product Cube at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. This can be used to record the master data for articles, i.e. goods. In addition to weight, volume is also recorded.

Enter objects and articles in the goods receipt

HEIDLER's Procut Cube is used to record objects and articles and thus generate the master data. This means that in addition to the weight, the volume of the respective item is also recorded. The article barcode is scanned as a reference so that a clear link to the measurement can be made.

HEIDLER booth transport logistic 2019 Munich Trade Fair
HEIDLER Product Cube Volume Recording

How the Product Cube works

The light grid frame is pulled over the object for detection. Both the volume and the weight are recorded and an image is taken at the same time. It is also possible to take several pictures of an object in order to reference and save several photos with several views of the article number.

HEIDLER product cube entry volume and weight merchandise management system
HEIDLER Product Cube Photos Article Management System

Integrate article data into the ERP system

It is possible to save the generated data not only as a flat file / CSV file. Thanks to the know-how about the shipping system, the data can also be written back to the ERP system via interfaces such as SOAP, JDBC, etc.

HEIDLER Dispatch Systems CEO Mats Heidler transport logistic Munich Trade Fair
HEIDLER product cube acquisition article data merchandise management system

Target group for the Product Cube

The target group for the Product Cube is very broad. In principle, the system makes sense for any company that wants to maintain its master data. Companies need master data such as length, width, height and weight, and often also images of their products. On the one hand for storage, but also to optimize their shipping process. For example, to select the perfect packaging size for an order.