VW Commercial vehicles: We Connect Fleet - Fleet manager

VW Commercial Vehicles is presenting its fleet manager "We Connect Fleet" at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. The aim is to give small to medium-sized commercial customers the opportunity for professional fleet management.

VW Commercial Vehicles Fair transport logistic 2019 Munich
VW commercial vehicles we connect fleet efficient fleet management

Professional fleet management for small & medium-sized companies

If you have a lot of vehicles on the road, you have to take care of them. Large companies do this with professional journey management. Smaller and medium-sized companies are now getting support from VW when it comes to fleet management. With "We connect Fleet", VW Commercial Vehicles now offers professional fleet management for small to medium-sized commercial customers. This is a platform that allows fleet managers to register via the web portal.

VW Fleetmanagement Interview Nils Hornkohl transport logistic 2019
VW Fleetmanagement Monitor Map Overview

We connect Fleet: Platform for fleet managers

When the fleet manager logs on to the Internet, he can immediately see where his vehicles are currently located. The overview shows all the vehicles that the fleet manager has entered into the fleet. Not only VW commercial vehicles and passenger cars can be fleeted, but also vehicles of other brands. This means that Mercedes, BMW, Audi or other brands can also be managed. In addition, "We connect Fleet" can also be used to keep a digital fuel logbook and a digital logbook. This makes it easy to display everything that is required for operation.

VW fleet management map overview vehicle location
Fleetmanagement by VW