KÖGEL: Trailer/semi-trailer

KÖGEL wants to fulfill truck drivers' wishes at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. As a manufacturer of trailers/semi-trailers, the company specifically implements the development wishes of truck drivers.

Trailer development: coordination with truck driver wishes

The KÖGEL company produces a wide range of trailers. The company is the third largest manufacturer of semi-trailers in Europe. An important goal is to make life as easy as possible for drivers in everyday trucking.

Koegel Trailer Truck Tarp Closure with Slider
Koegel trailer semi trailer and container chassi

To achieve this, drivers were asked for their wishes on how such a trailer should be constructed. KÖGEL then incorporated their wishes into the product development process.

Koegel Trailer Truck Tarp FastSlider Closing System
KOEGEL Trailer Interview Josef Warmeling transport logistic

Making life easier for truck drivers

One development that has emerged in this way is the driving slider for closing the side of the semi-trailer. This enables simple, weight-optimized opening and closing of the trailer. The handling is really designed to make the driver's work easier.

Koegel Trailer transport logistic 2019 Munich Trade Fair
Trailer Munich Trade Fair transport logistic Koegel
Koegel Trailer Interview outdoorarea Munich Trade Fair
Trailer with fast slider Munich Trade Fair Outdoor

Container chassis with weight optimization

The company will also be exhibiting a container chassis at transport logistic 2019. Weight optimization is very important in the port and container sector. Here, KÖGEL is in a very good position compared to the competition.

KOEGEL Trailer Port 45 Triplex
Koegel Trailer Containerchassi Control