Siemens: Smartron locomotive

Siemens is presenting the Smartron locomotive at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. With the Smartron locomotive, the customer gets a fully configured model for an unbeatable price. Not individually configurable, but optimized for use in German freight transport.

Siemens locomotive for just 2.5 million euros

Anyone who buys a vehicle, whether for road or rail, often has a few extra wishes. This is not possible with the Smartron locomotive. But why can't the locomotive from Siemens be individually modified? The idea behind it is to offer a locomotive at an unbeatable price. The Smartron locomotive only costs 2.5 million, but it is not possible to configure a locomotive for this price. However, this does not mean that the customer receives a locomotive with fewer or worse features.

Siemens Smartron Locomotive Open Area Munich Trade Fair
Siemens Smartron Locomotive Interview transport logistic 2019

Locomotive optimized for German freight transport

The customer receives a locomotive that is optimized for German freight train traffic. This design is such that Siemens is of the opinion that the locomotive fulfills all the requirements necessary for freight traffic. At the same time, the locomotive has been slimmed down somewhat, some components have been omitted, but the normal Vectron operating concept and the complete Vectron common parts concept have been retained in the locomotive.

MesseTV Interview Siemens Smartron Locomotive for only 25 million Euros
Siemens Smartron Locomotive Interior

Order a locomotive with a click on the Internet

This makes it possible for the customer to order the locomotive online and the unbeatable price of 2.5 million becomes possible. The first locomotive has already been sold via the Internet. There is a standard contract and it is the same for all customers. The customer can read through everything beforehand and see whether it fits and whether the locomotive is just right for the customer's requirements. Then they can pick up the tablet, drag the locomotive into the shopping cart and order it.

Siemens Smartron Locomotive Locomotive Driver Area
Siemens Smartron locomotive order per click on the internet