KAMAG: New driver's cab Wiesel swap body pallet truck

KAMAG is showing us a newly developed driver's cab for the Wiesel at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. The swap body lift truck is designed to make the driver's daily work easier and has been tailored to their needs.

Wiesel Driver's cab mounted very low

KAMAG wanted to do something good for the drivers and has redesigned the Wiesel. The very low-mounted cab is essential, so that the driver has a very low exit when he goes to the swap cab. There are drivers who have to get in and out up to eighty or one hundred times a day and that is of course much easier with a low cab.

Kamag Fair transport logistic 2019 Munich Trade Fair
Kamag Wiesel swap body pallet truck low entry for drivers

All-round visibility of the driver's cab improved

The all-round visibility of the driver's cab has also been improved. A very large front window and a very large rear window have been fitted, as the driver has to drive under a swap body eighty to one hundred times. The new features give him a very good view of the area.

Kamag Wiesel swap body high lift truck all round view large rear window
Kamag Juergen Main transport logistic 2019
Kamag Wieselswap body pallet truck drivers cab