KRONE: think tank

KRONE is presenting the KRONE "Think Tank" at the transport logistic 2019 trade fair in Munich. The think tank is to become an industry platform for future topics in the sector, with topics such as driver shortage, digitalization, etc. .

KRONE think factory trends in mobility
KRONE Interview think factory trends in mobility Munich Trade Fair

KRONE think tank - trends in mobility

KRONE's latest development project is the Denkfabrik, better known to many as the Think Tank. The aim is to create a platform in the industry and with the industry, together with experts, where new topics and new questions can be considered. Topics that not only concern tomorrow, but perhaps even the day after tomorrow. It should be about topics that affect the entire industry. For example, the shortage of drivers or the digitalization of the entire logistics chain. There is already a lot of digital know-how - but where will it lead later? Who will own the data later? These are very fundamental questions, and the best way to find good solutions is to work together.

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Building projects and developing solutions

At first glance, the project does not sound like a classic business concept for generating sales and earnings. To begin with, it is a productive topic. The aim is not just to develop ideas. The aim is to develop projects that are suitable for generating sales. At least that is the goal. We are excited to see how the project develops.

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