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Encouraging creativity, learning through play and lots of laughter - that's how tiptoi create, the new game from Ravensburger, can be described in just a few words.

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TipToi Create - a sound quiz

Jürgen Groh: Sound quizzes? What questions do the little ones have to solve? Thomas Zumbühl: They have to try to find certain sounds on the different cards. How does the new tiptoi create work? For example: What does a deer do? Jürgen Groh: What does a deer do? Thomas Zumbühl: "Roarrr." (The roar of a deer is imitated) Jürgen Groh: And now the child gets a point? Thomas Zumbühl: No. I was just demonstrating.

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Record and play sounds yourself

This works as follows. We are talking about tiptoi create, which means that the new tiptoi pen has a microphone. I have logged in, now press the symbol on the pen, tap on the game card until the sound appears. By pressing the blue microphone button, I can now record a sound file. "How does a deer do?" Thomas Zumbühl roars into the microphone. By holding the stylus on the green play button on the card, I can play it back. Jürgen Groh: And what does the score say now? Was it right? Thomas Zumbühl: It was right. That's part of the game. You assign different sounds to many sound cards and the children have to find the right picture based on the sounds. That's how it works.

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TipToi Create: Fun & creative thinking

At tiptoi create, we are launching a total of three new books, a game, a starter set and something completely new in Ravensburger sticker sheets. The great thing about the sticker sheet is that the children can discuss the stickers in the same way and then say to their parents, for example, "Please don't come into my room today, I'm angry!". then the parents already know before they even open the room door. Jürgen Groh: That if it had existed earlier! Thomas Zumbühl: Exactly.

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How much does TipToi Create from Ravensburger cost?

Jürgen Groh: How much does the game cost parents? Thomas Zumbühl: If you buy it in a starter set with book and game, it costs a total of €50 and the game about €20. Jürgen Groh: That's still possible. Thomas Zumbühl: Exactly. You also get something for your money. The great thing is that the children can get creative themselves. They can develop their own stories or record their own animal sounds. In this way, we encourage the children's creativity! Jürgen Groh: Great thing, good luck with it.