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Lässig Fashion offers trendy and innovative products for children. For example, a school bag that provides more safety, with material that absorbs light and emits it again in the dark.

Bags with functionality and design for children

Jürgen Groh: I don't see any classic toys on your stand, but equipment for children. Laure Bertrando: That's right. Welcome to LÄSSIG. This is a company that has been producing beautiful bags and products for young families that are innovative for 10 years. Functionality and design range from diaper bags to satchels and are available in the new peach or black colors. The special feature of the product is that it absorbs light so that it reflects the light in the dark and the child is recognizable on the street.

school bag reflector safety black leessig
school bag reflectors route to school Laessig

Jürgen Groh: The entire fabric cladding becomes light? Laure Bertrando: It will be bright where the little spookies are. The collection is called Spooky because of the little ghost. It reflects the light and the child can be seen better. Jürgen Groh: What can it do, show it to me.

Laessig diaper bag Boo Spielwarenmesse
schoolbag carrier bag ghost motive animal loving Laessig

Satchel with light effect & good features

Laure Bertrando: The satchel is equipped with a small sports bag. It opens with a twist lock. Inside there is a pencil case, a breast pouch and a small folder for the pencils. It is also beautifully equipped with colorful pencils so that the child can conjure up something beautiful at school. Salmon or peach are the colors for girls and in black - the dark range - I can also show you, for the boys. Jürgen Groh: As a parent, how much do I have to spend on such a stylish backpack? Laure Bertrando: It costs €200 as it is. That's a good price for a lot of functionality, also in terms of carrying comfort. The shoulders are softly padded, it has a great grip and a beautiful design that the children love.

lunch box Laessig
MesseTV interview schoolbags primary school backpack sports bag Laessig

Jürgen Groh: Now I see a ghost and a donkey as the central mascots behind LÄSSIG. Laure Bertrando: LÄSSIG is also a thought. The company loves animals and people and is committed to the environment and animals. We use a lot of donations for different organizations we believe in and it all starts with our enthusiasm for these animals. Hence the deer - because the deer is an animal that awakens a protective instinct in us. The animal stands casually on the logo and in its own way it wants to show that it is there for everyone in the world and wants to play with them too. These are the products, take advantage of them and it will be worth it.