Recoil outdoor video game, Goliath

Recoil GPS Laser Combat is designed to get video game fans out into the fresh air. The outdoor team game will be presented by Goliath at the Spielwarenmesse 2018.

Recoil Goliath Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg
smartphone game shooting live rifle Recoil Goliath

Recoil: Bringing video game fans out into the fresh air

Jürgen Groh: Toys that glorify violence? Martina Ganzbuhl: No. Of course not, we get video game fans moving and out into the fresh air. It's often the same with parents. Children love such games, but spend all their time sitting at the computer. Recoil for Goliath is different. They have to get outside, get some fresh air and really move, run, jump, hide behind obstacles and take cover. It includes everything where you really work up a sweat and is definitely in the direction of sport. Jürgen Groh: I think it's great in principle because children are increasingly immobile. But how does it work that you can practically play outside? Martina Ganzbuhl: We always have a toy gun that is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. There is also the free Recoil app and in the app I have all the elements I know from the classic video game. Collecting ammunition, a special booster or the health status and the hit sensors are all displayed in the app. You go outside together with a WLAN hub. You set this up at the starting point. You can move within a radius of 150 meters from this starting point. You can duck behind a small hill, play in a parking lot and take cover behind the car, within this radius you can move freely and aim at your opponents.

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Jürgen Groh: A painless paintball variant? Martina Ganzbuhl: Exactly, there is no pain at all. Nothing comes out of the front. It works by means of infrared. You have a total of 3 sensors on the gun and an additional one on your clothing. The sensors register every shot and transmit it to the app so that it really doesn't hurt.

GPS Laser Combat - team game for up to 16 people

Jürgen Groh: Would you like to demonstrate the game for us? It makes a crazy noise here when they play. Can I hear that on the smartphone? Martina Ganzbuhl: Yes. You can either hear it on your smartphone or, even better, if you connect headphones to your smartphone. Then you have real 3D sound and you can also communicate with your team via the smartphone microphone. Go on a mission and surprise your opponent. Jürgen Groh: You say team now, how many people can play it? Martina Ganzbuhl: Up to 16 people can connect to the WLAN hub. Team spirit meets just for fun.

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Recoil grenade ego shooter game Goliath

Jürgen Groh: I noticed a recoil on the pistol. That's part of it, isn't it? Martina Ganzbuhl: That's right. Recoil means recoil, this gaming experience is very real and the recoil of the gun makes it even more realistic. Jürgen Groh: Where will these devices go in the future? Do you want to expand this further in terms of distance or, for example, incorporate new tools? What are you planning? Martina Ganzbuhl: There are no concrete plans yet. We'll see how the market launch starts. It will be on the market from the summer. Recoil comes from America, there are definitely still some cool products in stock, let's see when they come! Jürgen Groh: All the best with it!