Polar Smash, HCM Kinzel

Polar Smash is all about an igloo, penguins and a polar bear. The dexterity game from HCM Kinzel is all about analog, tactile fun.

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Polar Smash analog society game HCM Kinzel

Skill game Polar Smash: Igloo, polar bear & penguins

Jürgen Groh: I see little polar bears, penguins. Polar Smash - what is your game about? Marcus Kinzel: Polar Smash is a children's game for children aged 5 and over. The game is a combination of a game of skill and a game of thinking and logic. Jürgen Groh: I can hardly believe I can't see anything digital here! Does that still exist? Marcus Kinzel: We are fans of analog games, we see it as a trend. We think that digital games have taken over and we also think that children should play more with haptic products again for educational reasons. This applies not only to children but, in my view, also to adults.

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MesseTV interview Marcus Kinzel Spielwarenmesse 2018 Nuremberg

Analog play with skill & haptic experience

Jürgen Groh: When you make strategic decisions like this, do you also get feedback from customers? Marcus Kinzel: Of course we respond to feedback from our customers, but we also attend congresses and trade fairs around the world where we talk to specialists in the field of games and board games and draw our conclusions for our business decisions. Jürgen Groh: Is Polar Smash your highlight product, or do you have more in your portfolio? Marcus Kinzel: It's our new product for the Spielwarenmesse, or one of our new products for the Spielwarenmesse, and we've only been a games publisher for two and a half years. We have a number of other new products in the games sector at our stand.

trade fair appearance HCM Kinzel Spielwarenmesse 2018

Jürgen Groh: It looks child's play, but I still don't understand it. How do you play it? Marcus Kinzel: The igloo has to be set up at the beginning and there are instructions to help you do this. The players are the penguins, so to speak. The igloo is guarded by a polar bear standing on top. The bricks have different numbers. The further down the brick is, the fewer points it scores and the closer the brick is to the polar bear, the more points I get. The children have to take it in turns to pull individual igloo bricks out of the igloo and the one who causes the igloo to collapse is unfortunately the loser of the round. The others add up the points - how many bricks they were able to remove from the igloo - and whoever has the highest score wins! Jürgen Groh: Sounds fun, I hope you have a great fair!