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Toys that inspire creative play? Alien legs with suction cups, elephant trunks or a rain cloud - you simply have to play with Moluk products.

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Alien, rain cloud or sun - stimulate creative play

Jenny Dettner: It's raining! It's incredible how these innovative products stimulate children's creativity. What's it all about? Alex Hochstrasser: We try to make simple objects that challenge children's natural curiosity and desire to play, that invite them to experiment and touch. Where it's not quite clear what it is at first glance, but it arouses curiosity. Like this piece here, this green alien that you can play with. Its suction cups make noises when you walk. You think about what you can do with the alien, maybe I'll manage to stick it on, then I'll have antennae, so to speak. But everything can be combined, the objects work together. To go with the rain cloud, we have a sun, which is a haptic element with brushes. I can blow on it and use the whole thing as a spinning top. The sun combined with the alien makes a sunflower. Everything is completely open, it's an organic construction game that encourages the children to experiment. Jenny Dettner: How did you come up with such an idea? It's very creative!

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Toys for children with room for interpretation

Alex Hochstrasser: The toy industry is very narrow, everything is pinned down and specific. I find it exciting to have objects that are reinterpreted according to age. They give the children room for their own imagination and in that sense grow with the children and are constantly rediscovered and therefore don't get old because the children give the whole thing meaning and purpose. Jenny Dettner: And what would you say the age range is? From to? Alex Hochstrasser: The focus is from pre-school age 2-5, but we have lots of older children who still play with it and that's the nicest thing to see when the objects are still in the room with the teenagers. Jenny Dettner: Maybe even suitable for me, I have to admit that I enjoy playing with the cloud. Alex Hochstrasser: We have a lot of adults who have these things on their desk - as a gadget to play with. Jenny Dettner: Yes, I think so! Alex Hochstrasser: Because they're things you just have to touch. Jenny Dettner: I'm totally excited. Is there anything new?

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New: Duck/penguin standing man & elephant trunk with suction cup

Alex Hochstrasser: Yes, this year we have two new characters inspired by the animal kingdom. One is Boi, which is actually the classic standing figure, but is reminiscent of a duck or a penguin. He spins or gyrates, but like the penguins, he is at home on both land and water. It also lives in the bathtub, for example, and has fun there. And the second part we had - we had wanted to make an elephant for a long time - but what is the essence of an elephant? In the end, we came to the conclusion that the elephant is actually the trunk. The trunk is fun, but it can also be combined like all the other objects. I can turn my morning cup into an elephant's trunk, I can combine it with other toys from our line. Or I can become an elephant myself. Jenny Dettner: Excellent.