Baby Annabell, Zapf Creation

20 years of Baby Annabell is something to celebrate. The company Zapf Creation is relying on brand ambassador Daniela Katzenberger and a fundraising campaign.

Zapf Creation Baby Annabell Daniela Katzenberger Spielwarenmesse
Zapf Creation Daniela Katzenberger design for dolls clothes

Baby Annabell celebrates her 20th birthday with Daniela Katzenberger

Jürgen Groh: Mr. Eichhorn, someone in your house is celebrating a birthday - Annabell is turning 20. Why is Daniela Katzenberger involved? Thomas Eichhorn: Daniela Katzenberger is helping us this year. She is supporting our campaign. Our idea was to do something for children and she is committed to "A Heart for Children". That's why we came up with something special that we want to implement together with Daniela Katzenberger. Jürgen Groh: Why - you must be thinking about this in the company - is Ms. Katzenberger your brand ambassador? It could also have been Micaela Schäfer? Thomas Eichhorn: From our point of view, she is a very good fit for us. She is a young mother herself and is also the BABY born generation - the other brand that Zapf Creation stands for. Her daughter plays with an Annabell and since she has a clear focus on fashion, it was a natural choice to develop this beautiful model together with Daniela Katzenberger. Jürgen Groh: How does the design process work? Does Ms. Katzenberger come to you in the design lab and say "I'd like a pink skirt and a bit of grey so that it's not quite so garish"? Thomas Eichhorn: Daniela has her own idea of fashion. She looks at the design together with our designer. Baby Annabell is a very classic brand. It's not too colorful - which you can see very nicely in the grey and pink. It is her signature. Her cat is incorporated into the design, the cute little cat ears, and a pink pleated skirt that emphasizes her love of pink was an important component.

Zapf Creation fair appearance Spielwarenmesse
Zapf Creation jubilee Thomas Eichhorn Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg

Baby Annabell fundraising campaign for "A Heart for Children"

Jürgen Groh: What is your donation target for the "A Heart for Children" campaign? Thomas Eichhorn: We have the limited edition Baby Annabell and want to raise a considerable amount in Germany. We donate €7 per doll. The aim is to exceed the €100,000 mark. She will make this handover at the "Ein Herz für Kinder" fundraising gala in December and will also auction off the last doll from the limited edition herself.

anniversary Zapf Creation
Zapf Creation doll Spielwarenmesse 2018

Jürgen Groh: How do you see the future? Do you want Ms. Katzenberger to be your brand ambassador for years to come or do you say - trends are short - we're going in a different direction in the next few years. What is your plan? Thomas Eichhorn: For now, that's the option for 20 years of Baby Annabell. We'll see how it goes. Maybe something will come up, but there are no fixed plans yet. We are already looking forward to it. It has started well, the collection has been very well received and Mrs. Katzenberger is just as happy. She is very committed to the subject. Jürgen Groh: All the best for the fundraising campaign!