Robo Chameleon, Silverlit

Go on a button insect hunt with the Robo Chameleon. The electric pet from Silverlit is great fun and makes no mess.

MesseTV Silverlit host Juergen Groh Spielwarenmesse
robo Chamaeleon Silverlit

Remote-controlled Chameleon: addictive electronic pet

Jürgen Groh: As simple as this game is, it has the greatest addictive factor for me so far! Markus Bülke: That's the great thing about games that are simple. If they develop a great fun and addictive factor, they are all the more enjoyable. That's the secret of successful toys. Jürgen Groh: How did you come up with such a simple idea? Markus Bülke: I have to admit, I'd like to take credit for coming up with the idea. But it was actually the development team. Digital pet friends have enjoyed great success in German retail in recent years and the idea was to do something new in this direction. The Silverlit development team came up with the idea of using a chameleon. I have to admit that when I was first confronted with it, I wasn't particularly enthusiastic because the chameleon is not Germany's most popular pet. Jürgen Groh: But it will be, won't it!

exhibition appearance Silverlit Spielwarenmesse 2018 Nuremberg
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Robo Chameleon can change color & eat insect buttons

Markus Bülke: I think we're well on the way to at least making the Chameleon more popular. Anyone who sees it here and has had the chance to use it in action is immediately half convinced. Jürgen Groh: What can the Chameleon do? Markus Bülke: You can simply steer it around with the remote control. It can change color using the buttons or wag its tail. The most important function is of course that you can feed it. Every proper chameleon needs food. This is included in the form of small insect plates. If you put it in position and press the food button, it snaps at the food with its long tongue like a real chameleon and sucks it up. Jürgen Groh: So I like playing it, how old should the target group be? Markus Bülke: The core target group we have in mind is 4 - 7 years, but parents are not excluded. Jürgen Groh: When can I finally buy it? Markus Bülke: It will be on the shelves of well-known toy retailers in September this year and is expected to cost €39.99. That is the recommended retail price. That's the recommended retail price. Jürgen Groh: Okay, that's still possible. I wish you every success!