Friendsheep Wolly Sunshine, Heunec

With the Friendsheep Wolly Sunshine, children get a cuddly soft toy from Heunec. And with the purchase you are also supporting a charitable cause!

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Plush sheep Wolly Sunshine supports Klabautermann e.V.

Jürgen Groh: We are in the world of cuddly toys here. Which of all the animals do you like the most? Josefine Dransfeld: My favorite is the little sheep Wolly Sunshine! This is our Friendsheep and has become particularly dear to me this year because we donate €1 from every Wolly Sunshine and Blacky Moonlight sold to the Klabautermann association. This is an association that mainly provides aftercare for chronically ill children at the Klinikum Süd here in Nuremberg and needs support to continue its good work.

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Jürgen Groh: How did the idea come about? Josefine Dransfeld: Many years ago, there was a doctor at the children's hospital in Nuremberg who came across our little sheep by chance and fell in love with it. She developed a little story to help children overcome their fear of visiting the hospital, the booklet is called "Wolly in hospital". Since then, the little sheep has become the secret hero of the children's hospital. Last year, Klabautermann e.V. became aware of this and wanted to use Wolly for a preventative campaign. This gave us the opportunity to bring little Wolly back to life.

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Heunec focuses on cuddly toys for all age groups

Josefine Dransfeld: We actually make cuddly toys for all age groups, it's not just for small children. We always try to appeal to the hearts of adults, which is why our range is suitable for all age groups. That's what we enjoy most and gives us a lot of creative freedom. Jürgen Groh: If I could choose something, I would take the monkey hanging there. I'll get it at the end of the fair. Nice fair