Novelties and trends toy fair 2018 Nuremberg

Year after year, the new products at the Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg light up the eyes of children of all ages. Before the retail launch, buyers from specialist retailers come to the trade fair to get an idea of the new products on offer for 2018. The adult trade visitors are no less enthusiastic than the children in front of the shop windows later on. Messe.TV visited some of the exhibitors

New for the little ones: feeding bottles, grasping toys and baby walkers

The range of toys starts with the little ones. Babies can look forward to a completely new type of teat bottle in the shape of a beer mug, hand-painted organic dolls from Germany by Nanchen, so-called grasping toys, and cuddly cuddly toys from Fehn. The traditional company Steiff (the one with the head in the ear) presents the "soft cudly friends" series of soft stuffed cuddly toys in a simpler, child-friendly design for the little ones. From around 9 months, an all-rounder from Mini Flip comes into play - the device is a baby walker, seesaw/rocking horse and ride-on car all in one. The manufacturer Wishbone focuses on quality, a variety of uses and a long service life. Translated with (free version)

Classic and creative play worlds for toddlers

Play tents are suitable from toddler age right through to primary school age. Colorful printed pop-up play tents, which John will be showing at the Spielwarenmesse 2018, are brilliant when space is limited. They are equipped with play mats: Dinos for the boys, unicorns for the girls, both under license with the Schleich company. There is probably no nursery without Dickie Toys, and in 2018 the "Heroes of the City" from the well-known YT series will be added. HABA inspires with the new Kullerbü parking garage, which won the coveted ToyAward. Creative toys promote children's development. Bendable objects from Moluk or the Polar Smash dexterity game are among many others to choose from.

Dolls, cuddly toys and play figures

The Spielwarenmesse 2018 showcases the entire range of dolls, cuddly toys and play figures, from classic dolls to trendy play figures. Baby Annabell from Zapf, for example, which celebrates its 20th birthday in 2018, is considered a classic. Heunec offers cuddly toys for all age groups; for every Wolly Sunshine or Blacky Moonlight sheep sold, one euro goes to Klabautermann e.V. Cuddly friends in eco-quality can be found at Senger Naturwelt. A number of suppliers have responded to the growing popularity of play worlds. This includes Schleich with its equestrian play world. The movable play figures are accompanied by adventures in books and audio books.

Games for all ages: from board games to GPS Laser Combat

Today's world of games ranges from board games to GPS Laser Combat. There is something suitable for every age group at the Spielwarenmesse 2018. Whether it's plush question stars, a ball puzzle kit for your pocket, a sound quiz called TipToi Create from Ravensburger or an outdoor team game designed to entice couch potatoes outside using a toy gun connected to their smartphone via Bluetooth - there are new things to discover in the world of games at every turn. Of course, classics such as the store have also been given a new look: it now comes as a coffee house and supermarket. And the board game has also been combined with an app.

The main thing is that it drives: Vehicles are very popular with children

Vehicles are fascinating.Pushed by hand or remote-controlled by expert hands. What drives, inspires! The market for this is huge, as is the range on show at the 2018 toy fair. Bruder's agricultural vehicles have gained a forage harvester and a tracked tractor. The popular Carrera track is now combined with VR goggles & cockpit camera, with races taking place from the driver's perspective. Remote-controlled vehicles are no longer just about cars, Silverlit is going insect hunting in the living room with a Robo Chameleon, while Simba presents Nekbots that are also impressive in water. Drifting and car racing is possible with a small car robot controlled via smartphone in a driving simulation.

Moving vehicles: pedaling and electric driving

Children go through the stages from pedal cars to various electric vehicles before they get their driver's license. The Spielwarenmesse 2018 will be showcasing exciting new products in this area. Rolly Toys offers a whole range of excavators, combine harvesters and tractors for pedaling, every boy's dream. The next leap into the world of children's mobiles is achieved with electric vehicles such as those offered by Rollplay, from off-road vehicles to Segways. Parents and children can have fun together when they build their own Micro Sprite scooter. An innovative self-balancing electric skateboard, presented for the first time at the 2018 trade fair, can also be used to get from A to B.

Model railroad, technology and electronics kits

There will also be plenty to see and marvel at at the Spielwarenmesse 2018 when it comes to trains, such as a complete train set to take away in a suitcase. Model builders with ambition will find realistic model vehicles as kits to build themselves. Fischertechnik shows how children can approach the topic of IoT in a playful way with the Robotics TXT Controller series. The Cue robot with emotional AI introduces the topic of programming and toy drones with collision protection are also finding their way into the children's room or luring them outdoors, where they can track objects with the built-in camera. The toy world of today prepares children for the skills in demand in the modern working world.

Playing with imagination and feel-good items

It doesn't always have to be the really big equipment that makes children happy. A whole range of exhibitors offer costumes and equipment for dress-up games. Sometimes all it takes is a fake beard to transform into a master detective or some make-up for princess glamor. Jofrika even has make-up books with step-by-step explanations for the perfect result. Spielwarenmesse 2018 really does have everything on the list to make children feel good: from comfy beanbags for chilling out to trendy school rucksacks and cute kindergarten bags.