Feeding bottle beer mug look, Wolke 3

With the sippy jug, even the little ones can now have a proper toast with the grown-ups at the dining table or beer garden. At Wolke 3 at the Spielwarenmesse 2018.

Wolke 3 Baerenbraeu suckle drinking bottle baby
toy children beer mass jug Wolke 3 Oktoberfest

Beer mug and teat bottle = teat jug

Jenny Dettner: That looks exciting, what's so special about this teat jug? Christiane Trüb: The special thing is that I have turned 2 products into 1. The baby bottle is already well known thanks to big companies like NUK and MAM. The beer mug is already known from the Oktoberfest or from Bavaria and we said that the child should have the opportunity to toast with mom and dad. To join in too! Jenny Dettner: To join in too! Christiane Trüb: That's how the idea came about. I was in a beer garden with friends and the children wanted to join in the toast, but they didn't have a sippy cup, so I came up with this great idea! Jenny Dettner: Super and where do you produce? Christiane Trüb: I produce here in Bavaria.

Wolke 3 Jenny Dettner Spielwarenmesse
Wolke 3 Oktoberfest Spielzeug Kinder Masskrug

Suckle jug for Oktoberfest or beer garden made in Bavaria

Jenny Dettner: Are there any other products besides the teat jug that you offer? Christiane Trüb: We have expanded the range around the teat jug a little. There is also the "O'zapft is! It always comes in very nice packaging, here with little sky-blue clouds. All you have to do is put a little bow around it and you have a lovely gift. The teat jug also has a very nice decorative gift box. Just add a little bow and I have a great gift! Or I can take two and make a set or add the "Mei Herzl" scarf. Depending on how much the person wants to spend, I can assemble the gifts. We also have snack boards and tins. It all fits together. Jenny Dettner: My first snack board. Here we have the color blue, is there another color? Christiane Trüb: Yes, we have pink for princesses at the bottom. And it's also available in red. For Franconians, Swiss, Austrians, girls, you name it. We also have the Amadeus Kracherl for Austrians. Our little Paul has a Mozart wig on.