Self balancing electric Skateboard, Neon

With a self-balancing electric skateboard, you can get from A to B in comfort. But how long does it take to ride the Neon electric skateboard?

Neon electric board
MesseTV interview Neon board Eoin Kirwan inventor

A self-balancing skateboard with just one wheel? It works electronically and balances itself. You can ride it like a surfboard or skateboard. Of course, experience is good, but you can achieve your first riding success after just 5 minutes of practice.

e scooter Neon Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg
MesseTV interview Neon e skateboard Spielwarenmesse 2018

Self-balancing electric skateboard

While pushing your toe down, you can determine the direction of the e-board. The target group starts at the age of 14. It is already available in the USA, soon to be followed by Asia and Europe. In Germany, it will be in the stores from spring.