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With the SeatZac, you can also sit comfortably on the go. Whether for children in the garden or adults at festivals, the Chillbag from Toi Toys offers a comfortable place to sit.

beanbag junior seat zac
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SeatZac - the practical seat for on the go

Jürgen Groh: Finally a convenient way to conduct an interview! How do these SeatZacs fit in with the Spielwarenmesse? Sibylla Klop: You can use it very well in leisure time for young and old. It's available for toddlers as well as adults. If you're going to festivals or to the seaside or lake, it's wonderful. For the children, it's nice to sit on it in front of the TV and talk to each other.

air cushion filling instruction Seatzac Toi Toys
beanbag air cushion filling instruction camping SeatZac

Jürgen Groh: That's right. There were already larger parts from your competitors, how did you come up with the idea of the short seats? Sibylla Klop: It's actually a SeatZac for sitting and the other one is good for lying on. It's also nice just to sit on, but it's actually two separate ones. Jürgen Groh: I'd still like to see - even though it's so comfortable here - how the whole thing inflates? Sibylla Klop: I'll ask my colleague, he can do it even better!

Sitzsack mit Luft fuellen SeatZac
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SeatZac in sizes for children and adults

Jürgen Groh: What was demonstrated here is now the child's size! How often do I have to carry out this airing process? SeatZac employee: 3-4 times, but the same for the adults. It's no different. And then please.

light up tube festival light for beanbag Seatzac
beanbag with lighting SeatZac

Jürgen Groh: Impressive demonstration! You've been holding a small lamp in your hand for some time now, there's something about it! Sibylla Klop: This lamp can be set to a bright level and one level brighter. You can put it in the SeatZac, at the moment you can't see it so well, but when it gets dark and you're at a festival, you can sit together romantically and people can see how comfortable and nice it is. Jürgen Groh: It's obvious that your product has been well thought out, I wish you every success with sales!