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HEROES OF THE CITY. The YouTube children's series has been transformed into realistic toys by Dickie Toys. Paul the police officer, Fiona the firefighter and Casimir the crow are the main characters.

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Dickie Toys police station with age-appropriate functions

The topic was discovered on YouTube. A Swedish company won in 2011 with the conception and production of Heroes of the City. The theme runs on 19 YouTube channels internationally. This is now social media, platform, internet to develop a theme.

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The main characters Paul Police, Kasimir Crow and Fiona Fire Brigade form the core of the series around which the story revolves. They experience adventures together. Kasimir has a leg in plaster and a gisparm because accidents happen to him all the time. The police and fire department therefore have to be called out several times.

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There is also a police station with age-appropriate functions. The original voices of the series actors are built into the game characters as voice chips. Each vehicle comes with a game card, which can be used to unlock additional content via the app. Parents can switch off the sound by pressing a button.