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The Horse Club adventures start in 2018. The Schleich riding stable offers a complete play world with many adventures accompanied by books and audio books.

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Play world riding stable - 4 girls with horses experience adventures

Jenny Dettner: You are launching a new product this year. The Horse Club. What's it all about? Sarah-Maria Niemeyer: The Horse Club is coming to life in 2018. There are four girls: Sofia on her horse Blue Blossom, Lisa with her horse Storm, Sarah on Mystery and Hannah on Cayenne - they all make up the Horse Club. This is a clique of four girls who are adventurous and have lots of great stories about horses. You can move each doll freely. They are fully articulated figures that can move their arms and legs and their knees can also move so that they can ride the horses. Jenny Dettner: That's nice. Are there also audio books or books to go with the play figures? Sarah-Maria Niemeyer: Exactly, there is a complete storytelling package on the outside. That means there are 4 books in which the girls experience their stories about horses. There are also audio books and other licensed items. There is also a collection case in which the horses are taken along when you are out and about so that you always have your favorite products with you.

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Jenny Dettner: So history live and hands-on, so to speak. Sarah-Maria Niemeyer: Exactly live, right. And the 4 girls are basically the beginning around which other major products will be created in 2018. Jenny Dettner: I've already seen that at the back. There are huge accessories, a complete landscape, so to speak. From the café to the country club - I'd love to take a look at that. Sarah-Maria Niemeyer: Let's go over there. Jenny Dettner: What have we got here?

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The Horse Club with café, boxes, stables and a residential building

Sarah-Maria Niemeyer: This is the Horse Club Café that will be launched in the second half of 2018, in September. It's another place where the Horse Club girls can meet in their free time, where they can sit outside on the terrace and enjoy a cupcake. Of course, their horses have plenty of space and can be tethered, as the girls are always out and about with their horses. Tom the waiter helps out in the café and does a bit of waitressing in between. In the story, he lends a helping hand on the farm where one of the Horse Club girls lives. Jenny Dettner: That brings us to the stables, right? Sarah-Maria Niemeyer: This is also a combination of a house and stables. In other words, there is space for the horses, which can be fed here and which can have an appropriate run with their food, which then stand there in the boxes.

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Jenny Dettner: You can let the horse look out of the stable. That's nice, each horse has its own stable with its own signage, so there's a lot of attention to detail here. Sarah-Maria Niemeyer: The girls can look after their horses here. This is the girls' home with all the functions the girls could wish for. Like here, for example, a secret passage under the roof that you can reach with a ladder and then watch the stars with binoculars. There's the little cat on the table. Exactly. And there's a fire burning in the fireplace. There's everything a classic house for children should have to offer. Jenny Dettner: Everything a girl's heart desires. Wonderful. Too bad I'm not a little kid anymore. Thank you very much! Sarah-Maria Niemeyer: With pleasure.