Camera drone, Walkera

A camera drone with a 4K camera and a diameter of 1.2 meters is a real eye-catcher. What is the 18 kg Walkera drone used for? Find out with us!

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Drone is a multicopter with camera and long flight time

The drone designed by Walkera has a size of 1200 millimeters and is a multicopter. These professional devices are used to support important tasks. The special feature is its long flight time. The hybrid generator supplies the aircraft with replenishment energy that a battery alone could not manage.

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This model is used for inspection in China. This copter is equipped with a 30x optical zoom camera and technologies are inspected from the air. This includes the functionality of solar panels and high-voltage lines. A thermal camera can be used to take pictures in the chemical industry. As things stand at present, the Mulitcopter can carry out its work for 135 minutes in the air. Its take-off weight is 18 kilograms, but it was not designed to fly loads.

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The main product, which also has a right to exist at the toy fair, is a smaller drone. The toy drone is equipped with a collision system, so it brakes in front of objects. It is priced in the €800 range, has good features, a clean image and faithful color reproduction. The drone technology uses cameras to track objects. In the future, the performance of the cameras, battery life and augmented reality will be improved.