Play tents with play figures, John Toys

Unicorns, dinosaurs and horses move into play tents from John Toys. Licenses in the form of Schleich play figures complete the play world around the tent and play mat.

MesseTV interview John Toys Spielzelte Spielwarenmesse 2018
play tent Bayala John Toys

Pop up play tents & play mats with Schleich play figures

Jürgen Groh: Unicorns and tents! How can you connect the two? Andrea John: Very simply! By taking a good brand, namely the Schleich company. We bought the license from Schleich for their bayala brand. For the dinosaurs. For the Horse Club horses and for the Farm World items. We put this into a pretty design, print it on our beautiful pop-up tents together with a play mat and complete the set. Jürgen Groh: When you put a child in it, how do they deal with it when they have a tent and these little play horses? Andrea John: The children play together with the animals on this mat on this beautiful carpet. Jürgen Groh: It practically simulates the landscape on which they play.

Bayala playworld magical elves mermaids John Toys
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Licenses for Bayala, Dinosaurs, Horse Club Horses & Farm World

Andrea John: This is a role-playing game for little girls. They are happy to have an environment here where they can play with the Schleich animals. Jürgen Groh: I've only ever seen the idea of tents before! What's behind it, how did you come up with the idea? Andrea John: We wanted to turn the normal play tent into a play world. We have further developed a normal tent with accessories such as these Schleich items or with light and want to offer the children a small play world so that they not only have a tent but also other play items!

playmat Dinosaurs John Toys Spielwarenmesse
play tents dino playmat boys John Toys

Play figures: unicorns, horses, dinosaurs and more

Jürgen Groh: Are there more masculine topics than unicorns? Andrea John: Of course there are! That's our article for the little girls and for the boys we have - in small format at the fair - dinosaurs, which is also a perennial favorite. Little boys love the dinosaurs. Consisting of a dinosaur tent with a play mat. This gives the boys a world in which they can play and let off steam with their dinosaurs on the play mat.

MesseTV interview John Toys Andrea John Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg
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Jürgen Groh: But you can't really crawl into the tent? Andrea John: Yes, it's just the dummy for the trade fair and is delivered in the right size, of course. Jürgen Groh: When the boys go over to the girls with the dinosaurs, it gets hot in the tent! Andrea John: Exactly, then it's great fun! Jürgen Groh: Okay, in that sense, have a nice fair!