Kullerbü parking garage, Haba

The new Kullerbü parking garage has won this year's ToyAward. A beautiful new module from Haba in the world of Kullerbü marble runs.

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Küllerbü parking garage with car wash, fuel pump and lifting platform

Jenny Dettner: Kullerbü even won a prize this year with the parking garage. What fun things can you do with the parking garage as a child? Julia Roth: You can drive up the street with various vehicles from the play world and also the new helicopter, but you can also drive or fly back down again. These are different game elements. For example, here is the car wash, there is the petrol pump so that the children can fill up their cars. Here, for example, is an integrated lifting platform where you can use the car. There are many more additional elements. There's a stop here so that the cars can't drive any further, a barrier, so to speak, that you can use to open and so that the children have lots of fun.

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Kullerbü play world - modules can be combined

Jenny Dettner: Everything a child's heart desires! Tell me, can the systems be mixed and matched because they also have rails? Julia Roth: Exactly, you can remove these ramps, for example, and then connect tracks like these. So you can build a complete rail network so that the cars can drive there and park in between. Jenny Dettner: The special thing here is actually these cars with the ball that are integrated here. Can these balls be exchanged with the cars? Julia Roth: On the one hand, you can put other balls in the cars. The balls are different characters, different faces. You can let them roll through the track like this - without a car - and some of the cars - like this truck - are also available without balls. They then have flywheel motors, which means they drive on by themselves.

Kullerbue wooden ball track
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Play track with cars and balls

Jenny Dettner: I saw a kind of xylophone back here that a car can drive over. Can we have a look at that too? There's the xylophone now, what can you do with it? Julia Roth: Exactly, it's a ball track that you can let the balls roll down and then you can hear the sounds.

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Kullerbue Haba ball track
Kullerbue wooden ball track Haba Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg

Jenny Dettner: That's funny. Yes, it definitely brings joy. I'm already highly motivated. And tell me what it's for. It's a really nice glitter ball. Julia Roth: That's exactly what our effect balls are, they have liquid inside and when it rolls, you can see that the glitter spreads and you can also use it as a bouncy ball. Jenny Dettner: So, now I want to play with this beautiful pink ball. Wow, there it rolls, through the door and onto the doorbell. Super.

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