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Sommerkind Lotti and all other dolls and grasping toys from Nanchen Natur are made in Germany. The toys are hand-painted and suitable for children aged 0 and over because the bodies are soft.

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Summer child Lotti - the hand-painted organic doll

Jenny Dettner: This is Sommerkind Lotti, what is so special about your dolls? Janah von Buttlar: Like all our other dolls, Sommerkind Lotti is made in Germany. Each doll is individually hand-painted and the hair is made of mohair that can be combed with a normal brush. The dolls are filled with organic virgin sheep's wool and the outer material is organic cotton. Jenny Dettner: Tell me, is this a stocking with the filling inside and are the eyes painted on it, because it has a very flat structure? Janah von Buttlar: It's a doll's jersey, that's what it's called. It's an inner head that's stuffed in there and when the doll is finished, it's painted by hand at the very end. At the end, the doll can still be destroyed, so to speak, even though it is actually already finished.

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MesseTV interview Nanchen Natur Janah von Buttlar eco doll

Dolls for children to dress and undress

Jenny Dettner: What age is the doll suitable for? Janah von Buttlar: Our dolls are all approved from the age of 0 because they have a soft body, but we generally recommend the dolls with hair from the age of 3. Jenny Dettner: Which dolls are these?

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Grasping toys as a gift for newborns

Janah von Buttlar: These are small dolls, grasping toys that can be given to newborns as a birth gift. And the bigger ones are for older children who are already good at dressing and undressing. Jenny Dettner: This is a cute little doll. It looks a bit like Little Red Riding Hood. And this scarf is really cute too! How was it made? Janah von Buttlar: Yes, that is indeed Little Red Riding Hood and this scarf is knitted by the grandmother of Juliane Krüger, the other company owner. Jenny Dettner: Oh how nice! And what materials are used in the coat? Janah von Buttlar: It's wool. Jenny Dettner: Nice and cozy and soft. Thank you very much for the nice interview!

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