Coffee House, Smoby

The Coffee House offers everything a coffee shop needs - from the coffee machine to the scanner to the cash register. A play world from Smoby that fits in with the times.

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The store of today: coffee house and supermarket

Jenny Dettner: Let's get to the best thing in the world - the food! You have a really nice coffee shop here! What can you do with it? I see you can even make coffee! Michaelina Marino: That's right, you can remove the portafilter here, then I put it back in, pull this tab. Every guest is invited. Here you also have plates, cutlery, coffee cups. You can eat croissants with it and we also have a cash register and a scanner here.

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Jenny Dettner: I'm ravenous, I'd like to eat something. What can you recommend? I definitely need coffee! Michaelina Marino: We're going shopping. We'll have a croissant, we also need the cutlery, there are two of us! A raspberry cupcake and a coffee. Of course, we also have to pay for the tab for the coffee. Should we take that too? Jenny Dettner: Yes, we need the fruit juice too!

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Coffee & fruit, but also scanners with EC cash register in the Coffee House

Michaelina Marino: And we'll have something healthy too! Jenny Dettner: So how much does it all cost? Michaelina Marino: Yes, I think we bought a good deal for €4.50. Jenny Dettner: Well that's cheap today. I'd love to come back to you!

coffee house childrens toy shop Smoby Spielwarenmesse
Smoby coffee house shopping cart

Michaelina Marino: We don't just have the coffee house, we also have a supermarket, of course, with all kinds of things. Lots of fruit and vegetables are also important! And we also have a checkout with a tipping system and you can get the supermarket in different colors. Jenny Dettner: And a shopping cart! Everything your heart desires! Super, thank you very much!

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