Racing car with cockpit camera, Carrera

When you combine a top-class racetrack with VR goggles & cockpit camera, a race becomes a real experience. With this digital interface, Carrera makes it possible to race from the driver's perspective with a WOW effect.

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Carrera car racing track: Driving with a driver's perspective

Jenny Dettner: We all know Carrera, but what's new? Stefan Fuchs: We thought about showing the Carrera car not from above while driving, but from the cockpit perspective. What is it like when I sit in the car myself on a race track like the Nürburgring - and only very few people can do that? With us, it's now possible with the racing car and our camera.

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Jenny Dettner: Oh great. That means I look into the VR glasses and sit live in the car? Stefan Fuchs: It works like this. This is our camera vehicle. The camera is installed here in the racing car behind the window. At the back is a radio processor that transmits the image data at 5.8 gigahertz. The VR goggles receive the radio data. Jenny Dettner: Can you open it up so that we can see how it works?

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Carrera car virtual reality glasses cockpit perspective

Cockpit camera with transmission to VR glasses

Stefan Fuchs: I'll open it once. Jenny Dettner: Oh, you can see me now, that's great! Stefan Fuchs: The camera films you and transmits it to the virtual reality glasses so we can see each other! Jenny Dettner: I want to try that out so that I can be live in the car! Once at the Nürburgring! Stefan Fuchs: You hold the hand controller in your right hand. Are you left-handed or right-handed? How hard you press on it accelerates the vehicle. Hold the VR goggles in front of your eyes. Now you can press.

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Racing like on the Nürburgring

Jenny Dettner: Wow, that's how it works. Now I'm on the Nürburgring, that's great! Stefan Fuchs: Through the tunnel. Jenny Dettner: You have to be careful not to get dizzy. Look, it's amazing, a bit of a rollercoaster ride. You can even see the windshield here. That's good quality!

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