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Slipping into a different role while playing? It works well with make-up. With Jofrika, we experience the transformation of a pretty young woman into an old witch.

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Witch make-up - Transforming a young woman into an old witch

Klas Bömecke: That doesn't look like great make-up, it looks a bit disgusting! Manuela Pfeifer: Yes, that's right. During the creation process, it really does look like that at the beginning. As if it was unprofessional or as if she had something weird on her face. This is the result of the passage of time and the further application of the latex mask. Klas Bömecke: And then your make-up comes into play? Which comes in about every color of the rainbow, right? Manuela Pfeifer: Exactly, they are available in all facets, in all rainbow colors and variations with glitter. From black to very colorful.

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Make-up in all colors: theatrical make-up & natural-based cosmetics

Manuela Pfeifer: Because we have different base colors, you can do all sorts of things with them. On the one hand, we have real theatrical make-up, we have lots of aqua-based products that are water-soluble and therefore easy to remove with water. We have a Nature for fun line - in which cosmetics have only been developed on a natural basis. The good thing is that 80% of our make-up is made in Germany. There are very few products that we buy in from other countries. This means that the skin compatibility of dermatologically tested make-up is completely included in our range. Klas Bömecke: I was just about to say that! When you think of theater and carnival make-up and that bright stuff, you get an itch on your face just looking at the pot because you think it contains the worst crap. But that's wrong? Manuela Pfeifer: That's totally wrong. It is tested in the same way as the skincare and very expensive cosmetics that we know from all kinds of suppliers. It is subject to the same regulations, REACH and EU standards. So we don't run the risk of any customer doing something bad to themselves with our make-up. Klas Bömecke: As a person who doesn't normally apply make-up to wounds and such, can you give me a tip on how to handle your make-up well during carnival? Manuela Pfeifer: There is a Jofrika make-up book in which you can find make-up tips from tiger to pantomime to horror clown or even mummy and which explains step-by-step, so that you as a layman can handle the make-up wonderfully and also get tips on which products have been used.

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Make-up for carnival & Halloween as well as a World Cup & European Championship theme

Klas Bömecke: And if you see our article now, you'll also find out how to age your skin beautifully. I see - it's not just Halloween and carnival that you're talking about! Manuela Pfeifer: No, quite the opposite. We're always at the start with our Jofrika make-up in the World Cup and European Championship years. Black - red - gold. And the unicorn has also found its way into our make-up. Glitter has arrived! You can see very well in the photo above that the World Cup is combined with glitter and glamor, which is also possible with our make-up! Klas Bömecke: But it's becoming more and more of a must-have among European Championship and World Cup fans to put the national colors on their faces, isn't it? Manuela Pfeifer: Exactly! Even if it's just our make-up stick with which they draw a stripe on their face to show that they are a fan and will be at the public viewing. Jofrika is always at the start somewhere during the World Cup and European Championships!

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