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Two great new vehicles: The Claas forage harvester and the John Deere tracked tractor expand the Bruder play world in the field of agriculture.

forage harvester toy vehicle Bruder Jaguar980
Jaguar980 forage harvester toy Bruder

Claas forage harvester with fold-out maize bit

Jenny Dettner: The Bruder company is known for its vehicle worlds. You have brought us a very special specimen here, what is it? Dr. Matthies Weigand: This is one of our trade fair highlights this year! A class forage harvester, a forage harvester where you can harvest large fields very quickly. Very functional and - as always with Bruder - with many features. For example, you can fold out the maize bit to make full use of the play function.

Claas field chopper Orbis750 toys children
field chopper toy Bruder openable

Jenny Dettner: That's great! And you can even open up the side here! Dr. Matthies Weigand: This is the engine compartment, so to speak. So you can see what a vehicle looks like from the inside. This is indicated and, of course, the driver's cab can also be opened and we can put figures inside. This vehicle offers a lot of play functions.

Vehicles for children in agriculture and construction

Jenny Dettner: And what does this mean for me as a layperson? Dr. Matthies Weigand: The harvested crop comes out and can be transported away. A trailer pulls up next to it and it is filled into it. Jenny Dettner: What age group is this toy suitable for? Dr. Matthies Weigand: The target group for this vehicle is between 4 and 7 years old.

timber transporter forest industry vehicle Bruder
MesseTV Bruder Spielwarenmesse 2018 Nuremberg
MesseTV interview Bruder agricultural machines Spielwarenmesse 2018

Jenny Dettner: And probably mainly for boys or are there also pink cars? Dr. Matthies Weigand: I would say that it mainly appeals to boys, but we have definitely seen girls playing with our things. They have brothers at home who have something like this and they play with it. But it's more for boys. Jenny Dettner: You have other vehicles that I would like to have a look at!

John Deere 9620RX crawler toy excavator Bruder
John Deere 9620RX toy excavator caterpillar drive Bruder

John Deere tracked tractor with trailer coupling, e.g. for a plow

Dr. Matthies Weigand: Because we were just in the agricultural sector, we have another highlight from John Deere here. A really big tractor. A tracked tractor that delivers maximum power, but at the same time protects the ground thanks to the tracked chassis. You can attach all kinds of trailed implements to the rear hitch, such as a plow. Such vehicles are used especially on large areas. Jenny Dettner: I'm still learning a lot today in the agricultural sector. You have an agricultural background, you said construction... Dr. Matthies Weigand: Everything to do with construction sites, commercial vehicles and also topics relating to leisure - municipal topics such as ambulances, police. Leisure themes such as skiing, jet skiing. The play world at Bruder means that you can combine many things with each other. That's what really makes it special.

dumper VolvoA60H Bruder Spielwarenmesse
Volvo A60H construction site vehicle toy Bruder