Mini Flip, Wishbone

Baby walker, seesaw/rocking horse and ride-on car - Mini Flip offers all of this in one. Wishbone Design focuses on quality, variable uses and a long service life.

Mini Flip: baby walker, seesaw and slide car

Jenny Dettner: Tell me, what is that? I've never seen anything like it! Jennifer Mciver: This is our Wishbone Mini Flip. It's for children aged 9 months and over who can't walk yet. They can learn to walk with it, it's a learning walker. There is also a seesaw and a bobby car. Jenny Dettner: Wow that's 3 things in one. Jennifer Mciver: Our company always tries to develop high-quality toys that have several functions so that people need less in life. Jenny Dettner: So you only buy a kind of bike or bobby car once and it lasts a lifetime? Jennifer Mciver: Exactly. And you can also convert it. You just have to press here, then turn the wheels and it becomes a scooter. It's very simple.

wooden tricycle basket Wishbone
rocking horse rocker wheels Wishbone

Change function with a flick of the wrist

Jenny Dettner: Can the elements be interchanged? This is pink, and if it's a boy, what do we do? Jennifer Mciver: We have 8 colors and this toy comes in 3 boxes. One for the top seat part, one for the wheel attachment and one for the wheels themselves. Here, for example, you can choose the colors you like best. Jenny Dettner: Tell me, what materials exactly do you work with? Jennifer Mciver: Always with materials that are good for the environment. This one is made of wood. We have other toys that are made from recycled plastic. We have a wheel made from recycled carpet. We always pay attention to the environment. Jenny Dettner: Great, the little ones really enjoy it. It's just a shame that I can't sit on it myself, otherwise I would have liked to try it out.

balance wheel plastic recycled three wheels Wishbone
learning wheel learning wheel various colors Wishbone

Environmentally friendly material: wood or recycled plastic

Jennifer Mciver: No, unfortunately not... Jenny Dettner: That's an incredibly high-quality finish you've got there. Where are we in terms of price? Jennifer Mciver: You can buy it for €99 in the store.

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Wishbone Spielwarenmesse 2018 Nuremberg

Jenny Dettner: Actually under €100, I wouldn't have expected that. Everyone can take part and everyone is happy. Jennifer Mciver: We try to ensure that you can get a lot of value out of a product and with €99 you have something that you can pass on. Jenny Dettner: Across generations. The mother, the daughter, the grandchild can all use it. Thank you very much, I was very pleased!