Nektons (The Deep), Simba

From the Nektons (The Deep) theme world, we are getting to know one of the Nekbots at the 2018 Simba International Toy Fair - which can also impress in the water.

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toy robot Nekbot with spaceship

Nektons / The Deep: Experience the underwater world with Mag Knight

Jenny Dettner: Simba - a well-known toy company. What are your special features, the highlight in 2018? Jürgen Deschner: A very special highlight is The Deep. In German, it's called "Die Nektons" and has been running with great success on the Super RTL channel for two years now. It's about the underwater world. It's also about the battle of good versus evil. There is a real highlight here, the so-called Mag Knight, which has magnetic functions that can be used to activate various applications. But be careful, he can also shoot properly. Jenny Dettner: Ah, he hit me. This guy is pretty violent! Not bad. Jürgen Deschner: And above all, you can take him into the bathtub, so it's ideal for boys. Bathtub or swimming pool, because he's also suitable for water.

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toy robot Nekbot Simba
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Mag Knight has magnetic functions and can shoot

Jenny Dettner: Let's take a look! Let's take this guy with us and go swimming. The Mag Knight has many applications, tell me, what is it suitable for? Jürgen Deschner: The Mag Knight is called the Mag Knight for a reason, because it can open various compartments with its magnet. Jenny Dettner: Simsalabim. Jürgen Deschner: You can open the compartment with the magnet and various figures from the series can take a seat in the Mag Knight. Jenny Dettner: Take a seat, get in and close the door. And now it's off to the diving station. Wow, it's completely waterproof? Jürgen Deschner: Absolutely, you can put the figure inside and experience lots of action under water. The water doesn't bother this robot.

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Nekbots waterproof - also ready for use in the bathtub

Jenny Dettner: That's great, the boys love it. Is the game also suitable for girls? Jürgen Deschner: Yes, The Deep. There are also girls in the family. There's a sister in the Nekton family who also takes part in the battle of good versus evil and the Nekton family has to prevail against the pirates. Jenny Dettner: Oh, that's nice, so we girls can take part too? That's great.

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