Baby-toys, Fehn

Fehn stands for great baby toys like no other company. We had designer Mounnett Löffelmann show us the new Aiko & Yuki collection at the 2018 toy fair.

New collection in Japanese style: Aiko & Yuki

Petra Michelle Nérette: We are at the Fehn company and I have found a unicorn. I love unicorns. And I also have the designer Mounett, right next to me. That's your design, isn't it? Mounett Löffelmann: Yes. That's my Aiko. We have a new line - Aiko & Yuki. It's inspired by Japan because I was there on vacation last year and loved it. We actually have my favorite product here, which is a fanfold. You can flip it open like a book. If you turn it over, you can open it differently and at the end it is completely unfolded. It squeaks. It rustles. And it even has a mirror. This is where the rainbow comes out of the cloud.

Fehn quality plush toy Spielwarenmesse
baby Fehn plush sheep teddy bear Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg

Textile baby toys for the very little ones

Petra Michelle Nérette: Great, that means the line starts directly for newborns. Mounett Löffelmann: Yes, we make textile baby toys. I say from 0 to 1 year and sometimes a little older. We get mail from children who are a bit older. They are 18 and have lost their cuddly toy, which they have had since they were babies and would like to get it back. So 0 to 1 and no age limit, so to speak. Petra Michelle Nérette: Yes, I would include myself in that. Even I would take a unicorn like that. Mounett Löffelmann: Yes, absolutely. Get in touch and you'll get one! Petra Michelle Nérette: I will! That's a really great line, thank you very much.

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Fehn cuddly toy velcro fastener