Innovative and sustainable brewing technology - STEINECKER

Steinecker is a limited liability company of KRONES AG. The mechanical engineering company, a specialist in plant engineering for breweries, is about to celebrate its 150th anniversary, having been founded in 1875. Within KRONES AG, Steinecker can provide the complete process technology for breweries that is necessary to produce beer. The systems are supplied worldwide.

plant engineering energy supply for brewery
Dr Ralph Schneid head of product development Steinecker

Phoenix BMC biomass project for breweries

At the BrauBeviale 2023 trade fair stand, the Head of Product Development, Mr. Ralf Schneid, will be presenting the Phoenix BMC model for a biomass project for breweries. Phoenix is a building block from the company's Pronomic concept. Pronomic stands for a solution with which breweries can supply themselves independently and self-sufficiently with energy by utilizing the residual materials from the brewing process. The model illustrates the individual steps: in the first step, valuable substances are extracted, mainly protein from the residues. These proteins are supplied to industrial partners for the production of meat substitute products. In the second step, liquid mineral fertilizer is obtained, which is in demand in agriculture. The remaining residues are used to generate energy in a biogas plant; the energy obtained is sufficient to cover the entire brewing process.

Dr Ralph Schneid head of product development Steinecker GmbH
Phoenix biomass conversion Steinecker

Module 1 for protein extraction has already been completed, marking a milestone. It can be placed on the market in this form. Stage 2 for fertilizer production and stage 3 are well into the development process and should be completed in the course of 2024.

brewing residues recycling energy generation biogas plant

Energy supply in the circle economy

The Head of Product Development at Steinecker reflects on the fact that many companies around the world are now able to build brewing systems. This forward-looking project is therefore an option to stand out from the market. The topic of energy supply in the circle economy has been an active concern at Steinecker for many years. It is a world market leader in this segment, which sets it apart from its competitors. It is looking to the future and wants to give breweries the opportunity to decouple themselves from external energy sources and become self-sufficient. This benefits not only the environment, but also the financial interests of the respective breweries.