Inspection technology, labeling station - HEUFT

Heuft, based in Brohltal between Koblenz and Bonn, will once again be exhibiting its inspection technology for the packaging sector at BrauBeviale 2023. Their specialty is inspecting systems with both high precision and high inspection performance, so that even the smallest details can be detected as defects. This gives customers maximum product safety.

inspection technology packaging area BrauBeviale 2023
Dr Thomas Jahnen managing director technology HEUFT

Modern labeling machine specialized for the high-performance sector

Prominently displayed in the middle of the stand, in the guise of a prototype, is the future technology of the company, which has been operating since 1979: a labeller specializing in the high-performance sector. A great deal of inspection and control technology is integrated into modern labeling machines, both of which are core competencies of Heuft. Of course, it is not possible to set up a complete labeling machine on a trade fair stand. For a look into the future, Heuft will therefore be showing an element on a part of a modular labeling machine that can be used to change labeling stations. This is still a manually controlled system, but it could develop into an autonomous vehicle in the future. This too could not be revealed in detail at the trade fair stand.

modular counter change HEUFT
unit change labeler beverage manufacturer

Labeling station can be moved in all axes

The clad, exhibited station can be aligned quite easily with a 3D touch. The labeling station can also be moved in all axes, so that even on uneven ground, alignment is very precise thanks to the support of sensors, as already known from autonomous driving. This means that the labeling station can be positioned in just a few minutes.