Specialist in swing stopper - AMS

Since 1995, the company AMS from the south of Lower Austria has established itself as a specialist for swing stoppers. The company not only manufactures swing stopper capping machines, it also offers all the machines required for processing swing stoppers. In detail, for example, closing and opening bottles, inspecting the rubber and the like. The latest development involves fitting and sorting swing tops onto the bottle and also recognizing the logo and the sealing rubber of the swing top.

Andor Kasper Gaszo assistant to the management AMS
swing top capper beverage technology AMS

Trade fair innovation: rubber seal inspection machine

Also new is a sealing rubber inspection machine presented at BrauBeviale 2023. In the video, AMS shows a 40-position machine that was installed in a German brewery in 2022. This machine is used to check the sealing rubber or sealing washer for dirt, mold or cracks. The logo and the neck of the bottle are inspected, and the porcelain or plastic pouring spout is also scrutinized: The correct logo must be printed on it and the condition of the bottle neck must be perfect. The neck of the bottle is inspected to ensure that it is intact and any breaks or cracks are detected.

swing top check full inspection of swing top bottles
swing top cap machine BrauBeviale 2023

98% capping rate on swing stopper machines

This type of machine can also be upgraded as a full bottle inspection machine to inspect the side wall, base, upper neck finish, thread, crown cap, screw cap and more, depending on the customer's requirements. Cameras and modules can also be added. The system works with a caustic control, impurities in the residual liquid of the washing water are detected. A whole range of inspection machines can be found on the market. However, AMS has a unique selling point due to its inspection technology, which enables 99% detection of swing stoppers. The capping rate on the swing stopper machines is 98%, and their optimum alignment method is also used in the inspection technology.