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Founded at the end of the 1960s, RINK is a medium-sized family business specializing in machines for removing closures. The main products are uncorkers and unscrewers, particularly for the reusable sector. The company's core market is in Germany, but it serves markets worldwide, either through direct business or with major OEMs such as KHS, Krones or Sidel.

beverage bottle uncorking machine
Dr Michael Baecker managing director RINK

Rotary decapper that removes crown caps from bottles

Dr. Michael Bäcker represents the 3rd generation of the company. At the trade fair stand, he will be showing a rotary decapper that removes crown caps from bottles. The filled bottle crates run through the machine, in which a roller rolls over the crates and removes the crown caps from the bottles like a hand opener, transporting them on a belt in front of the machine.

Dr Michael Baecker RINK Beverage Industry
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uncorking machine crate transport RINK
rotary uncapper crown corker reusable bottles

RINK is the sole supplier of decorking machines

The machine is unrivaled on the market; RINK is the sole supplier of decorking machines. The company's portfolio naturally includes other machine types. The machine on show at BrauBeviale 2023 achieves the highest performance among them. It is used in German breweries and internationally wherever beer is produced in returnable bottles on large lines.

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rotation roll decorking machine for glass and PET