Measuring sensors for level, limit level or pressure - VEGA

At BrauBeviale 2023 in Hall 6, Messe.TV will meet a genuine Black Forest family business - VEGA Grieshaber KG. In 1959, the Grieshaber family founded the company, which is now in its 3rd generation of manufacturing measuring sensors for level, point level and pressure in a wide range of variations.

VEGA booth BrauBeviale 2023
Andreas Grandel industry manager food and pharma VEGA

For VEGA, it quickly became clear that sensor technology is used in all sectors, for example in the chemical and wastewater industries. In food and pharmaceuticals in particular, nothing works without sensor technology. VEGA set up a small filling system at its trade fair stand to demonstrate the role of VEGA sensor technology. The entire repertoire is visible here: pressure sensor, level sensors for detecting min and max and, at the very top, the actual level sensor, which sends an analog signal about the actual level. Another sensor shows the detection of the fill level in jars; the fill level of bottles, cups or other containers can be determined in the same way.

Andreas Grandel measurement technology filling line VEGA
pressure measurement technology for gases liquids
level measurement via radar BrauBeviale 2023
VEGABAR38 pressure sensor with switching function BrauBeviale

The measured values of the sensors can be regarded as the actual input variables of automation systems. Therefore, the more automation progresses, the more sensors are needed. In terms of the market, VEGA assumes that more and more sensors will be required as the degree of automation increases.

sensors filling levels limit pressure measurement
sensors measuring station beverage filling