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DOLOOP has been offering regenerative packaging solutions for the market since 1995. Initially with the production of bottles, this was followed by entry into preform production, which is DOLOOP's main business today. Ms. Milda Cepaitiene from DOLOOP UAB Putoksnis sees the production of rigid films as a third mainstay, which was launched in 2022.

Milda Cepaitiene Customer Success Expert Doloop
PET plastic preforms sustainable

Preform spirits bottle made from recyclate

At the company's stand at BrauBeviale 2023, she will be showing a preform for a spirits bottle made from recyclate. The use of recyclate is ecologically very beneficial in terms of sustainability, as less CO2 is emitted during production and the bottles themselves are also recycled. A true circular economy.

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PET blank preforms PET bottle

Future bio-based, plant-based and biodegradable

The company DOLOOP sees the future as bio-based, plant-based and biodegradable. Compostable materials should be created and used. Several projects are already underway with various universities and bottlers. Another concern is to raise awareness of the recycling process for these special bottles. They should not go into today's standard recycling process; they must be separated before processing.

doloop regenerative packaging solutions
compostable biodegradable plastic bottles
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