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The family-run ferrum packaging AG, headquartered in Switzerland, can call itself the world market leader in can seaming, especially when it comes to high-speed machines. With the production site in Switzerland and locations in Brazil, North America, England, Vietnam, Thailand and China, Ms. Chantal Kissling believes that ferrum is very well represented globally. In addition, more than 100 service technicians are deployed worldwide.

Can seamer centrifuge BrauBeviale
Ferrum machines BrauBeviale 2023

SmartCan filler/seamer block by KHS/Ferrum

ferrum will be presenting the SmartCan SF14 at its stand at BrauBeviale 2023. The cans are fed in via an infeed table with an innovative, very compact belt drive for improved hygiene. A separate servo drive can adjust the chain, which is characterized by its sturdy construction that does not allow splashing water or lengths, as required. The adjustment option is helpful when changing formats. In the product area of the machine, Mr. Marc Zubler emphasizes the focus on hygienic design, which achieves hygiene class 4. The sloping base, on which the water drains well, the closed product compartment, the machine's other interior, which is free of unnecessary surfaces, the surface quality with RA08 and hygiene screws as well as external O-rings all contribute to this. The machine also has an automatic foam cleaning system.

Ferrum canning cans seamer
can seamer belt drive Ferrum

Can formats can be changed extremely quickly

As an added bonus, can formats can be changed in 22 minutes, which is extremely fast and unique in the industry. Can and lid formats can be changed in 74 minutes. This is 50% faster than the previous model. Also significant are the axes, each of which is servo-driven, enabling automatic adjustment and extremely accurate positioning during changeovers. The folding curves are fully automatic, a 1st and 2nd operation can be set, they can be swung out and even the panel heights of the output can be adjusted accordingly.

FS14 SmartCan by KHSFerrum Marc Zubler
Marc Zubler Head of Sales and Product Management Ferrum

ferrum's products, such as can seamers and centrifuges, have become known as premium products in over 100 years of application experience in a wide variety of industries.

can seamer hygiene class 4 closed product room with scraper tray
FS14 SmartCan by KHSFerrum canner performance